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Meeting Rooms in Austin Near Austin Convention Center

How to Plan a Meeting in Austin

Our event planning experts at JW Marriott Austin share their checklist and top tips to help make planning for your next Austin meeting a snap.

Checklist to Austin Event Planning:

  1. Set Your Goals For the Meeting: Decide what you hope to accomplish. In the time of conference calls and virtual meetings, actual face to face time has never been more valuable, so setting goals for your time together is extremely important. Is the meeting about fostering relationships or getting down to business? Celebrating successes & garnering excitement or taking names? Setting goals helps determine who should be involved in the meeting.
  2. Decide Who Should Attend: Now that you have set goals, decide on your stakeholders that should be in attendance. With the meeting vibe and attendees in place, determining your venue becomes easier.
  3. Determine Which Meeting Space is Right for Your Meeting: For team-building or creative thinking, unique spaces like hotel suites or outdoor space can help attendees think outside the box, while traditional boardrooms can help set the tone for getting down to business. Visit our Meeting Planner Resources. page for more information on floor plans and capacity charts at JW Marriott Austin which features more than 120,000 Sq. Ft. of versatile meeting and event space including 42 individual meeting rooms, an outdoor event venue, a grand ballroom, exhibit space and more.
  4. Consider Accommodations: Do any of your attendees need to travel to attend the meeting? If so, be sure to arrange accommodations for them. Hotel venues can provide meeting space and accommodations under one roof cutting transportation costs out of your budget. JW Marriott Austin offers discounted rates on rooms for your meeting.
  5. Factor in Food and Beverage: If it’s a long meeting, food and drink breaks are crucial to your agenda. They give your attendees time to rest and fuel up so that they return to the meeting refreshed and ready to refocus. The food should also flow with the overall feel of the meeting; power foods and caffeine for rolling up your sleeves vs. whimsical, interactive snack breaks to get attendees socializing and having fun with their food.
  6. Settle on Your Seating: If the furniture in your meeting space is flexible, figure out how you would like the room set. Even something simple like the arrangement of seating can set the tone for your meeting. Walking into a room with tables and chairs of varying heights or styles or incorporating living furniture like arm chairs or sofas creates a more relaxed environment while a traditional boardroom signals business. A classroom set up indicates attendees will be doing more listening, while banquet style seating is conducive to more interaction.
  7. Tack on Technology: There’s nothing worse than everyone watching while your presentation isn’t working, so don’t forget about your technology needs like Wi-Fi, laptops, VGA/HDMI cords, screens, projectors, monitors, microphones, lighting and more. Read about A/V & Technology services at JW Marriott Austin. The Marriott Meeting Service App even allows you to stay connect with our expert team at all times. Make your meeting interactive! Consider social media walls, hashtag displays, or Snapchat filters among other emerging technologies.

Now that you have their meeting planning tips, the event experts at JW Marriott Austin also shared why their clients love hosting meetings at JW Marriott Austin:

Let the planning begin! Submit an RFP to get started planning your meeting at JW Marriott Austin.